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Here are the Power-Poles on the Ranger Z21.

TheHautdoors has been published in Badger Sportsman Magazine in the September/October 2016 issue on pages 18-19

The Ranger Z21 has been upgraded for the season. It now has two 8foot yellow power poles, a 12" Helix at the console, a 9" Helix up front, a new step up, and a 101 fortrexx trolling motor!


TheHautdoors has teamed up with Russ Darrow on 76th in Milwaukee and will be traveling in a 2016 Rebel for a few years!

March, 2014: This just in. TheHautdoors has signed with Lazer Trokar, Eagle Claw, Lazer Sharp and Wright McGill. Please check out their products as well.

Feb, 2014: This just in.... TheHautdoors has signed with River2Sea.

More information to follow.

Please check out their products at


On May 18th, 2013 I fished my first BFL as a boater in La Crosse, WI. I only landed 2 fish, but had 7 lbs 5oz. I had the second biggest fish on the boater division. It was a great experience.

Here is the link to the BFL page.


and here is a youtube trailer I made:


Here is the full length BFL:


April 2013 the Journey to go get my Ranger Z21 Comanche. Here it is the new boat for this season.

TheHautdoors is starting to film video this year and if you would like parts of your trip filmed it is an option as well as the normal photography. Here is Greg pre-paring for a Beaver Dam tournament.


TheHautdoors has just teamed up with Tattoo Baits. Check them out on facebook. Here is a picture of the new Jersey for the 2013 season.

Day one of the Four Man Classic. These are some nice fish that we caught on Big Green. I want to thank all of my sponsors: Mepps, Mister Twister, Cobra baits, and St. Croix Rods.

Day 2: We finished in 2nd place, but it was a close battle for the 4- Man classic, held on Big Green. Congratulations: Jason Loewe, Scott Seggerman, Greg Haut, and Ron Boville. Way to represent the Beaver Dam Bass Anglers.

3rd Place! I would like to thank ALL of my sponsors. Without any of you this would not have been possible. I thank all of you.

Click image to go to their homepage


I have teamed up with Gamma Technologies and am a member of their Pro-Staff.

This is a great opportunity for this up coming season for clients as well as for my Tournaments.

Please feel free to check out their product "line".

See you on the water.


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4.18 Lbs


I recently, in March, took the tour of the Mepps Facility in Antigo, Wisconsin. I recommend this tour to everyone. Each lure is actually handmade. I know that sounds impossible, but I saw it and you can as well. Every detail is done by hand from start to finish. You get to see the lure start out as piece of wire and come out as a finely tuned fish catching spinner bait. The hair dyeing and cleaning room was interesting.The trophy room is a must see! I cannot believe all of the fish and animals that are in there. Deer, Bears, art pieces from the black forest, I cannot and don't want to give away what is all right there to be seen. If my office was like that I don't think I would want to leave it. If you are in the area stop and take the tour. Trust me there is something there for everyone to see.

A pair of some nice Buffalo Lake Bass caught while using Mepps products. Using Mepps will not leave you empty handed.

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St Croix Rods are also another item that I use and are available for use on trips as well.
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